Hello green world!

A wonderful view of the English countryside how it should be.

A wonderful view of the English countryside.

Well this is my first blog post and all I really wanted to say was Hi.

If you haven’t already read the About Me page then that will give you some background on what I’m all about.

Now I am still unsure how this blog is going to take shape as I have quite a wide agenda, I think you could class it as an eco-friendly lifestyle blog? I wanted to start a blog because I think I have been making quite a few radical changes over the past year to live a more sustainable life. Hopefully somebody will find my journey interesting and actually read this blog, if not it will just become a personal diary. I also tend to have opinions on just about everything so I might be writing about some eco issues that are not directly related to myself but I just find interesting such as renewable energy production or new ways to recycle.

I would also love to hear any comments you might have or suggestions on what you think I should write about, any feedback would be brilliant.


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