Is China on a tipping point of climate change?

China Climate Change

I read an article in The Guardian today that worried me; it was about how scientists believe that carbon emissions are rising much further than previously estimated.  The reasons for this unexpected rise is unclear, during the financial crisis that began in 2008 global emissions dropped slightly but since then they have risen sharply. It appears that the financial crisis that the world has still not recovered from is negatively affecting our ability to reduce carbon emissions. No one can deny that green energy and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions in fossil fuel energy production can be very expensive. Almost all countries have to cut their budgets at the moment and if they are not actively taking the unpopular policy of reducing green energy budgets then they are less willing to increase them at the rate needed to tackle climate change.

So what about the countries that are less affected by the current financial climate well these ironically are the biggest producers of green house gases such as China. Luckily China is now taking its responsibilities towards renewable energy and global warming more seriously than it did in the past. It is currently building 36 wind turbines a day as part of a larger plan to supply 15% of its energy from renewable or alternative energy resources.

The images of Chinese industrial cities shrouded in thick dense smog have been the major driver for change. China is increasing its ambitions to cut emissions and pollution, however much of its current pollution is done illegally such as companies using illegal discharge pipes to pollute rivers. The reason they do this is that it is a cheap way to operate, some experts estimate that if environmental damage was recorded in the states accounts then Chinas growth would be halved. No doubt that China had growth over any other environmental concerns or other issues that this blog is not in a position to discuss. But many believe that China is now at a tipping point where it really needs to change its game if it is not going to suffer many generations down the line from the damage that its growth has caused.

chinese wind turbine

It is well documented that many of mans great inventions and innovations have come from the necessity of war, perhaps the necessity for change for China may push it to overcome the challenges of global warming and world energy needs. Many believe that and the fact that China has vast resources and the will to change means it will become the world’s first green superpower. What we don’t know yet is that China has fully finished its “dirty” growth phase, or how far it will take its commitments to alternative and renewable energy production. It has said that it is committed to change but how fast will this change happen and is it possible that China and the world can change their habits before it becomes too late, but it is clear that they are on that tipping point of change and the direction they take will soon be clear.


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