About Me

My mission is to live my life with as minimal impact to the planet as possible, that is not to say that I am not living life to the full, but I want to leave this place as I left it or maybe a little bit better.

I am doing this by going green, yes that means going organic, eco-friendly, fair trade, recycling, and doing my best for the planet. I have not always been what some might call an “eco freak” but as I have been getting older (I’m not actually that old) I have been thinking more about the future and the way I live my life. I was just like everybody else in modern society but when I looked at how I as an individual consume energy and resources in our throw away consumerist lifestyles, and the amount of people in the world I became very worried about it’s sustainability.

I have not completely changed as a person although I now do live in a cave (that was a joke), but a few simple lifestyle choices can make all the difference. This blog is about those lifestyle choices and my views on the world. I am not a guru or expert so feel free to comment on anything I have to say I would love to hear your views.

Now take a look around and enjoy!


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